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Ford 4000 4WD
1968 Model

Found and bought a super nice tractor. It has Ford 4000 emblems, its clean and fully functional.

The serial # located behind starter is C190264 which translates to a 1968. There is a number behind that which is either DA004d or D1004d.

It has 4WD and a super big front axle and power steering.
It is a 3 CYL diesel which starts and runs great.

The tractor looks like a Ford NH 3930 or simply a Ford 4000 with 4WD.
It has independent PTO which stops spinning when off and funtions with load on PTO.  3805 hours.

OK, I know what it is now! 

I know what it is not.  It is not a County 4000.  The axle is Schindler.  The axle and fasteners are metric.   Also Schindler made a 4WD kit which. fitted Ford tractors from the 4600 to the 8200;. the Schindler axle at the time had a better turning circle than the county and roadless. Both county and roadless offered 4wd drive kits for fitting.


Tractor has METRIC Fastener SCHINDLER Axle


MAX HP AT ENGINE CRANKSHAFT: 62.3 at 2,200 engine rpm.
MAX HP AT PTO SHAFT: 52 at 2,200 engine rpm.
MAX HP AT DRAWBAR: 47 at 2,200 engine rpm.
MAX CRANKSHAFT TORQUE: 163 (gross) lb ft at 1,300 engine rpm.
ENGINE: Ford, Overhead valve, Vertical, In-Line, 4-stroke diesel, Cylinders = 3, Bore  = 4.4 in. Stroke = 4.4 in. Displacement = 201 cu. in. Compression ratio = 16.5:1, Rated speed 2,200 rpm.
TRANSMISSION: Type = 8 speed, Manual.
STANDARD SPEEDS: Forward = 1.58, 1.97,3.45, 4.70, 5.62, 7.00, 12.35, 16.8 mph, Reverse = 2.27, 8.10 mph, On 15 x 30 rear tires.
STANDARD TIRES: Front = 9 X 24 x 6 ply, Rear = 16.9 x 30 x 6 ply.
OVERALL DIMENSIONS: Length = 140 in. Height = 63 in. Tread, Front = 58 in. Rear = 62 in. Wheelbase = 85 in.
WEIGHT (as sold without ballast): 6,500 lb, Max operating weight = 9,200 lb.
BELT PULLEY: Diameter = 10-1/4 in. Width = 6-1/2 in. 3,240 feet per min.
PTO: Standard speed = 540, Engine rpm at standard pto speed = 1,800, Spline shaft diameter = 1-3/8 in. Height above ground, Standard tires = 23 in.
HYDRAULICS: Reservoir capacity = 54 pts. Pump capacity = 4.5 gpm, Max pressure = 2,500 psi.
IMPLEMENT ATTACHMENT: Drawbar and category 2 linkage, Max lift at hitch point = 3,200 lb.
STANDARD EQUIPMENT: Power assisted steering, Hand brake.
SAFETY FEATURES: Multiplate, Mechanical, Oil immersed disc brakes, Hand brake, Differential lock, 2 head and 2 tail lights, Safety start, Low centre of gravity, Clip on/off PTO shield.

Background:  X000 series Ford tractors were made in Britan (all) and models to be converted in the USA to shipped minus front axles to Michigan assembly plant. 

Conversion kits were installed. 

Thus, this was not an after-market conversion, but manufacturer approved modification. 

 Individuals have contacted me, and I can account for 6-10 at least in the USA.  .  While I have a rare tractor, the facts about it are becoming less rare.

Tractor has METRIC Fastener SCHINDLER Axle

Differential Oil Seal               NAPA SKF 27430

Differential Input bearing      NAPA SKF HM903249

Differential Input Race           NAPA SKF HM903210

NordLoc Washer                    FASENAL M14 Split Part Number 1140386

Recently, I have done major work on the tractor.  I split it, remove the transfer and replaced mounting bolts with longer allen head bolts and NordLock washers. 

Cleaned the filter screen and changed the paper element.  Removed the PTO shaft, replaced bearing, seal and both lock-ring keepers. 

I will post a list  of the parts I had on  hand and those that actually were used. 

Splitting a 4x4 and getting to that rear paper filter is a hellov-alot more difficult than a 2WD tractor. 

This is a difficulty factor 10 of 10.

Issue:  Front Drive Shaft U-Joints wore out.  Local NAPA and all other local suppliers jumped from 87mm width to 1.03mm.. 

This was an external locking ring METRIC U-joint.  Machine service of Green Bay Wisconsin stocks them. 

Local NAPA kept trying to measure as SAE.  Finally, I measured and just ordered them myself.

 Width at cap 96.8mm.


Series 587.10

Part # 5-392x $85 each plus shipping. Thankful for VISA and telephonic ordering.

Schindler axles are found in Ford, Massey Ferguson tractors and JCB backhoes. To this date, I have not found a parts source for Schindler axles. I have now replaced several parts on and in the axle, and I will post the parts, part numbers and sources in the USA for the parts. If you send me other parts that you have replaced, I will validate their availablity and post them also.

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